Day 2 of the incredible journey

This evening, rather than share many of my own thoughts, several of my classmates have given quotes that speak to the many lessons we learn today. You will find some shared original thoughts, while others chose to give a direct quote that made an impact. I hope you enjoy them.

“It is important for us as human being to be respectful towards different religions and try to bring about world peace.” (Perry Bonds, Student)

“Too much hate!” Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Director of (Dr. Sherer)

“I’m unusual, I must warn you.” Mr. Walter Reed, Holocaust survivor and scholar. (Julia Kontz)

“People need to get along to make this world a better place.” (Matt Dewitt)

“To save a life is to save humanity.” Quran (Jose Garcia)

“We can try to decrease it (discrimination), but we will never rid the world of it.”, Walter Reed (Chris Michael)

“People are too proud to set aside their differences.” (Nicole Giesing)

“Even a smile is charity.” Mohammed, Islamic profit (Stephanie Harris)

“Coexist.”, (Angela Faoro)

“And no one thinks they are to blame. Why can’t we see that when we bleed, we bleed the same. I just can’t get it right.” (Jesse Soondrum)

“I now fully realize that hate is a product of fear and that we are most likely to fear the unknown. So as I think about what the future holds for not only us, but for the youth of tomorrow, I ask myself what will be my contribution as I strive to make a difference. Oddly enough, I found the answer in the form of a Jewish proverb, printed on the window of a giftshop. ‘ Knowledge is the best merchandise.’” (Beth Ratliff)

“I wish we could all live without the fear of the unknown.” (Justin Miller)

Not everyone in the group had an opportunity to share, so their will be more to follow. There is also so much more to share about the day, but as I am far too exhausted, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

So for now, good evening, and as our Jessie would say, may peace be upon you.